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强行征服邻居人妻 强行征服邻居人妻 ,爹地吃了我吧 爹地吃了我吧

强行征服邻居人妻 强行征服邻居人妻 ,爹地吃了我吧 爹地吃了我吧

强行征服邻居人妻 强行征服邻居人妻 ,爹地吃了我吧 爹地吃了我吧
Perforated Aluminum Panels

Aluminum ceiling panels can act as a means of straightening and directing air in free atmosphere and ducts. Perforations on both sides of a ceiling panel provide a flow-through design for both air and lighting.

Aluminum Covered Gypsum Panels

Standard Construction
.040” Perforated aluminum sheet
Core: Aluminum honeycomb (½” cell)
Back: .040” Perforated aluminum sheet


  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High strength and excellent durability
  • Flat tolerances
  • Non-combustible


  • Airport ceilings
  • Convention centers
  • Air returns
  • Art deco walls